Welcome to the club of professionals

Over 1,000 templates to get started straight away

Get started straight away - with over 1,000 templates

With the Procusini you can create moments that your guests will remember.

Procusini Club & Applications

By purchasing a Procusini 3D Food Printing System you get access to the exclusive Procusini Club.

There you will find all the applications with which you can create individual objects without any prior knowledge. You can reach your destination safely with just a few clicks.

All the advantages of the Procusini Club

Series production

Enables the production of a larger number of objects, e.g. B. for an event with 150-300 guests

template library

Over 1,000 tried and tested 3D objects, hollow shapes, letters, numbers and much more, e.g. B. for Christmas, Easter and weddings

 3D Objekte

Das Wunschobjekt ihres Kunden zum Vernaschen. Einfach im STL-Format hochladen.


Setzen Sie das Logo ihres Kunden in Szene. Einfach im Dateiformat „JPEG“ hochladen. Wir erstellen automatisch die Datei für Sie.

Text messages

Connected letters. No more annoying typing of individual letters

Outlines from JPGs

This application is ideal for converting image templates and lettering into outlines

Own recipes

The expert settings on the Procusini 5.0 allow you to work and experiment with your own food

Notifications & Software Updates

You will be informed about new functions and free software updates via the message function

 Tipps, Tricks & Videos

Hinweise wie Sie schnell und einfach zum Ziel kommen.

For the professional kitchen

3D chocolate printer

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Perfect for beginners

3D chocolate printer

zum procusini