The future of patisserie

starts today.

3D food printing

With the Procusini you can create moments that your guests will remember.

Guarantee of success

Procusini Marzipan Refills

The original Procusini Marzipan refills are perfectly matched to the Procusini 5.0. This is how you are guaranteed to succeed with your 3D food printing.

the secret

The right attitude

The secret of successful 3D food lies in the right consistency in combination with the settings of your 3D food printer.

For those who like to experiment

Print your own food

The Procusini 5.0 3D food printer allows you to print your own food using its individual setting options.

Application examples

Shortcrust pastry


Goat cream cheese


Mashed potatoes

Herb butter



cream cheese

For the professional kitchen

3D chocolate printer

zum procusini
perfect for beginners

3D chocolate printer

zum Procusini mini