Procusini® Credits (20 pieces)

Procusini® Credits (20 pieces)

  • Designed and made in Germany
  • Book individual services in the Procusini Club
  • Logo creation (20 Procusini credits)
  • Template creation (20 Procusis Credits)
  • STL optimization (20 Procusis Credits)
  • For starter package: Subscription to Procusini Club (1 month/20 credits, 1 year/100 credits, 2 years/180 credits, unlimited 300 credits)
  • Additional paid templates in Procusis purchase club
  • Pay and receive a voucher code, redeem directly in the Procusis Club

Further information can be found on the information page "Procusini Club".

We answer frequently asked questions about all Procusini products on the 'Questions & Answers' (FAQ) page.

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