Procusini® 3D Choco Green
Procusini® 3D Choco Green
Procusini® 3D Choco Green
Procusini® 3D Choco Green

Procusini® 3D Choco Green

ACHTUNG: Nicht für Procusini mini
  • Made in Germany
  • With a guarantee of success
  • Optimally coordinated with Procusini - with a guarantee of success
  • Ready-to-use refills - insert, preheat briefly and off you go
  • The gentle sweetness is reminiscent of white chocolate
  • Ideal for cake decorations in bright green
  • Up to 30 objects per cartridge filling, depending on object size
  • Scope of delivery: 300 g, 4 refills (75 g each), make 4 cartridge fillings

These Procusini 3D refills are compatible with the Procusini 3D chocolate printer , the Procusini Research 3D food printer and the Procusini 3D chocolate printer .
The Procusini mini 3D chocolate printer requires the special Procusini mini 3D refills .

More information about Procusini 3D Choco, as well as contents and nutritional information can be found here.

We answer frequently asked questions about Procusini 3D refills a little further down on this page, or on the general 'Questions & Answers' (FAQ) page.

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Bring color into play!

There are no limits to creativity.

Procusini success guarantee

Optimally coordinated with Procusini products

Ready to use

Simply insert it, preheat it briefly and off you go


Up to 30 letterings with a Procusini 3D Choco Refill

optimally coordinated

Guaranteed to succeed

Trust in the original Procusini 3D Choco Refills. They are optimally coordinated and allow you to get started straight away. With a guarantee of success.

Questions & answers about Procusini 3D Refills

Procusini 3D Choco Refills or Procusini mini 3D Choco Refills are “chocolate bars” made from a high-quality fat glaze. 

Procusini 3D Choco Refills are specially tailored to the Procusini models and deliver the best possible results. There is no need for complicated temperature control. Simply insert a 3D Choco Refill into the respective Procusini model, preheat briefly and off you go.

Ideal for all applications where simple and quick processing is more important than using your own chocolate.

Chocolate must be properly tempered before use. This requires experience in processing chocolate.

If you do not have this expertise or would like to avoid the hassle of tempering chocolate, we recommend using the Procusini 3D Choco Refills. These can be inserted directly into the Procusini. After a short automatic preheating you can start.

The yield depends on the size selected and the height of the individual object. By adjusting the object size and height, you have the opportunity to individually optimize the yield. 

The yield also depends on the Procusini model chosen. A cartridge filling of the Procusini mini issignificantly smaller than that of the other Procusini models.

Procusini mini :

With one cartridge filling, for example, up to 10-12 letterings can be printed (the cartridge volume of the Procusini mini is smaller than that of the other Procusini). 

Procusini Single and Procusini Single Research :

For example, up to 30 letterings can be printed with one cartridge filling.

  • 3D Choco Dark tastes like dark chocolate and real vanilla
  • 3D Choco Milk tastes like milk chocolate, slightly sweeter than dark
  • 3D Choco White like white chocolate, with a strong sweetness
  • The remaining colors taste like 3D Choco White

Ideally, Procusini 3D Refills are stored dark and at a temperature of 15 - 20 °C

The best before date is up to 2 years depending on the production date.

for the professional kitchen

3D chocolate printer

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Perfect for beginners

3D chocolate printer

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