• Procusini mini

    • Entry into 3D chocolate printing for only €998
    • Simple operation and easy cleaning

Guaranteed success or experiment yourself? Both are possible with Procusini mini

  • 3D Choco Refills (included)

  • Experiment with your own chocolates

  • Simple and safe - with a guarantee of success

    • Ease of use and reliability are more important to you than using your own chocolate?
    • Then the Procusini mini 3D Choco Refills are for you
  • Warning - only for professionals and experts!

    • Chocolate is a very demanding and complex food
    • Therefore, 3D printing with chocolate is very demanding
  • That's how it's done:

    Insert Procusini mini 3D Choco Refills, let's go. With success guarantee!

  • Chocolate-tempering
    • The Procusini mini allows settings like
      changing temperature, speed and flow.
    • So you can experiment with tempered chocolates of your choice.
    • You are responsible for the result yourself!