Procusini 5.0

Guaranteed success

Creative & personalised

Plug & Play

Integrated display

Without programming

Procusini made easy

From unpacking your Procusini to producing your first object, you need less than 15 minutes, all without any previous experience.

1. Unfold

2. Insert Refill

3. Close

4. Preheat & off you go!

Detailed video tutorials

In the video tutorials you will receive detailed information on:

Usable food ◦ Scope of delivery and operation ◦ Inserting food and preparing for printing ◦ Pre-dosing and printing ◦ Cleaning ◦ templates ◦ Objects and serial production ◦ Alignment and service

Video Tutorials

Details that make the difference

Procusini 5.0

  • Convenient operation

    via 3.5 inch display

  • Autocalibration

    No manual calibration required

  • Easy cleaning

    Cartridge holder removable without tools

  • Compact dimensions

    In operation: 60 x 60 x 65 cm (L x H x B)

  • SD card

    Quick & easy data transfer from Procusini Club to Procusini

  • Surface

    of 25 x 15 cm. Production height depending on food, up to 10 cm

  • Energy consumption

    Low energy consumption of < 60 W in normal operation

  • Flexible production base

    For easy removal of printed objects

  • Portable

    Easy change of location thanks to the transport handle and the low weight of 9 kg

  • Power connection

    12 V operation with external power supply unit (included)

  • Heatable

    Heatable cartridge holder with optimum temperature control matched to Procusini food refills

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Stainless Steel Cartridge

  • Easy cleaning

    Easy to put in the dishwasher or under warm running water

  • Dosing tip

    with 1.0 mm (Choco) and 1.2 mm (Universal) diameter

  • Ideal heat transfer

    Heatable up to 60 °C, short preheating

  • Robust & Hygienic

    made of food-safe stainless steel

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"If you have any questions about technical service, I will be happy to help you at any time. A supply of service parts is also guaranteed worldwide."


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3D objects

With the purchase of a Procusini® 3D Food Printing System you get access to the exclusive Procusini® Club. Live out your creativity - with numerous applications, e.g. Small seriesText messagesLogos or the over 1,000 objects from the template library

There you will find all the applications with which you can create individual objects without prior knowledge. Short videos, as well as Tips & Tricks make getting started a breeze, all the way without programming.

To the applications - Procusini Club


The Procusini 5.0 requires minimal cleaning. Only the stainless steel cartridge and the stamp come into contact with the food. These components can be removed easily and cleaned under running water or in the dishwasher.