How can I order a Procusini?

On www.procusini.com you can order Procusini, food and accessories directly in the shop. Or find a dealer near you in the menu under the tab "Dealers".

What is included in the purchase of a Procusini?

You receive the Procusini as a complete system including the necessary accessories and a starter package with Procusini® 3D food refills and free access to the Procusini Club. There you will find numerous applications, e.g. for small series productions, letterings and the possibility to convert your own 3D files. You also have access to our template library with over 1,000 3D templates.

Where do we ship to?

We ship worldwide except for a few countries.

Is the Procusini available from stock?

We usually have Procusini in stock and can therefore deliver at any time.

How long does the delivery take?

We ship within 5-10 working days.

Where is the shipment from?

The Procusini are assembled at our premises in Freising/Germany. After each Procusini has been tested, it is shipped directly from our warehouse.

Will I receive tracking information for the shipment?

After shipment, you will receive an e-mail from us with a link. This will provide you with tracking information and allow you to track the status of your shipment.



What do I need to start printing?

Everything for a quick and successful start is included in the delivery. The Procusini 3D food printer, the Procusini 3D food refills and the numerous applications in the Procusini Club form an ideally coordinated system with guarantee of success.

Do I need IT or programming knowledge to operate the Procusini?

No. From unpacking your Procusini 3D Food Printer to producing your first object, you need less than 15 minutes, without any previous knowledge.

How is the Procusini operated?

The Procusini is comfortably controlled via the integrated 3.5 inch display.

Do I have to install the Procusini first?

No installation is necessary. Simply unpack it, connect the power supply via the included 12 volt power supply unit and off you go.

What are the electrical requirements to use the Procusini?

The Procusini is connected to a conventional power socket via a 12 volt power supply unit. Both the power supply unit and a standard national plug are included in the delivery.

Can I take the Procusini to another place?

Due to the practical carrying handle, the compact dimensions of 60 x 60 x 65 cm and the low weight of 9 kg, the Procusini is mobile. It is therefore also suitable for usage outside your company.



How long does it take to produce an object?

The production time depends on the size of the object.
Example 1: The lettering "Future" (77 x 38.5 x 4 mm) in 3D Choco takes 3.5 minutes.
Example 2: The name "Lisa" (53.39 x 25 x 4 mm) in 3D Choco takes approx. 1.75 minutes.

Does the room temperature influence the production?

During production with Procusini 3D Choco, a room temperature of 20-23 °C should be maintained. Procusini 3D Marzipan is less sensitive to temperature.

How is the Procusini cleaned?

Since only a few components of the Procusini come into contact with the food during production, the Procusini® can be cleaned quickly and easily within just a few minutes.

Moreover, with the integrated cleaning function, the so-called stamp can be pulled out of the print head and wiped with a damp cloth. The stainless steel cartridge as well as the silicone mat can be cleaned under warm running water or in the dishwasher. That was all.



Are there 3D templates?

In the Procusini Club you will find our template library with over 1,000 templates. Of course, you can also create your own objects, e.g. lettering and logos!

Can I create my own 3D objects?

In the Procusini Club there are various applications which you can create your own objects with. For example, you can write your own letterings or draw freehand. All your creations are automatically converted via the Procusini Club into a file for production with the Procusini. All the necessary settings are already stored, so you don't need any special knowledge.

How can I use my own 3D templates?

Simply upload the desired file in the Procusini Club in the application "My files". There the files will be automatically converted for the Procusini.

What is the maximum size in which objects can be produced?

Large logos and letterings can be produced on a base area of 15 x 25 cm. A height of up to 10 cm is possible.



Can I also work with my own food?

The secret of successful 3D food is the right consistency in combination with the Procusini settings. The expert apps in the Procusini Club allow you to work with your own food. There you can adjust e.g. temperature, speed and layer height individually to your recipe.

Also use the Procusini recipe suggestions, e.g. for sweet pastry waffle, shortbread biscuits and meringue.

How does the production of several objects or a series production work?

The application "Exclusive small batches" in the Procusini Club allows you to produce a larger number of objects, e.g. for an event with 150 guests.

To do this, simply select your desired object as usual. With one click, the objects are multiplied until the production area is completely filled. Very simple and efficient! Now just press "Start" and the Procusini produces a multitude of objects one after the other. Completely unattended!

Is it possible to produce multi-coloured objects?

If you use your own food, you have the possibility to fill different colours into the cartridge, e.g. different coloured dough masses. This way, colour gradients are created during printing.




Does the Procusini need maintenance?

The Procusini is maintenance-free.

What do I do in case of service?

We are here to help you: Customers worldwide appreciate our service and support from our application and product specialists. Please contact our service team with any questions via service@procusini.com. You will receive feedback from a suitable contact person.

How long is the warranty of the Procusini?

The warranty is 12 months.

Can I rent the Procusini?

We do not offer the rental of a Procusini® alone. Are you planning an extraordinary event and looking for something special to impress your guests? For this we offer "3D Food Printing Services". We produce food live in front of your guests or create giveaways to match your event. You can find more information about 3D Food Printing Services here.